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August 29, 2017
This summer Sienna had an opportunity to attend a ballet class in Dallas while visiting with her grandparents. She attended this ballet class twice a week for three weeks. She enjoyed her classes, meeting new students and new teachers. It was a good experience for her and we plan to have her experience other ballet classes next summer in Los Angeles.
All that said, the purpose of this letter is to compliment and praise you and your staff. The main ballet instructor insisted to know where Sienna had received her training. Sienna proudly said that she had been attending Premier Dance Studio in Oxnard, CA for several years. The instructor said that it was evident that she had been trained with excellence as a minimum standard demonstrating extremely good technique and strength.
We are very proud of Sienna and so pleased to have chosen Premier Dance Studio. At first ballet was something to do ... an activity to expose her to as a child. Today, Sienna is determined to make dance a significant part of the rest of her life and career. So much so that just hours after having back surgery almost a year ago, she said, "Father, I can't wait to dance again. I will be better than before."
Thank you and your staff for the influence and excellent training for Sienna. We know her training is in the great hands and look forward to many years of blood, sweat and tears with Premier Dance Studio as she pursues her goals and dreams.

Rick & Christina Elgueseba

"I love having my granddaughter going to Premier Dance Studio because it is a place where she is free to express who she is through the art of ballet dancing. At first, she was very timid and afraid and cried. She now has grown in confidence and is not afraid. She has made many friends and loves dancing. I like Premier because the teachers are great and know how to work with children of all ages. In their classes the children learn many aspects of ballet and also learn to listen and learn how to maintain their self-control. Premier also gives the children the opportunity of performing before a live public audience such as in the annual Christmas Recitals and end of year Recital which is held at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center. I believe Premier Dance Studio is a great place and recommend it to all who are interested in dance or for anyone who is looking for something new for their child to do."

Julie Moreno

"It's beautiful. I love my teacher. I want to go everyday and not have a break. I love to dance and we have to keep our smiles on. We learned a Tinkerbell dance. I love the school because I'm a ballerina and because I get to wear pretty costumes and makeup. I get to do ...recitals and I have friends."

Maliah Maldonado (student)

"Hello I am Erica Cisneros the mother of Roselyn Cisneros. It is my comfort to know that the girls in her classes make her feel loved and make her laugh. I have seen friendships come out of Premier when I see my daughter and other children socialize. Therefore, I enrolled her in a second class, Hip Hop and whenever we go to a party, she brings out her hip hop moves which make me a proud parent. In bringing her to dance class, I have seen little girls continuing on with their dance classes, and I have come to respect them for their continuous work and effort which gets reflected at the recital. I see them as role models for my daughter and I hope she learns from her older peers the dedication that they work with and beauty of mastering art skills. Underlying Premier, are many core values and discipline that these girls learn. Monica and her staff have done a great job in instilling these values upon them. This is why I like bringing her to dance class to have fun, be healthy, and learn the values of being a dedicated dancer. Plus I am excited for the next recital, in which always brings out a tear in me when I see my daughter perform like every proud mother/grandmother/guardian."

Erica Cisneros

"Hello Ms.Monica, Wow, is all we can say. You and your staff have done it again. Like always we can see confidence and class in all of your performances. Thank you so much for teaching Gianna. It was fun to see the diversity and the range of dance styles in the entire performance. My whole family enjoyed it."

JC Cavaletto

"Thank You for all your help Mrs. Monica. My little Makayla most definitely enjoyed this year’s dance lessons and it showed how much work you and all your staff put into making our girls the perfect dancers they were at recital. We are very pleased with all she's learning and can’t wait to see where all this takes Makayla. Thank YOU again for all your hard work!"

Monica Sanchez